We Lived on an Island of Sounds  |  ©Beth Ortman 01/2017
...But the Blue Rain Sinks Straight to the White  |  ©Beth Ortman
Somewhere in Between the Jurisdiction of Time  |  ©Beth Ortman
A Moment of Light  |  ©Beth Ortman
The Blue of Distance
What the Universe Holds
The Wildness of Being
The Backbone of the Wind
A Liminal Moment
Holding Space in Between Pauses
The Ancient Conversation Between the Ocean and the Stone
Components of Form
Ex Nihlo
A Fundamental Component
All Experience Entails a Temporal Horizon
It Disperses in the Air
Time is the Longest Distance Between Two Places
Wind Field
Breathing in to a Space 
Sea Winter Salt
A Changing Landscape
Setting Forth Conditions
Between Two Places
The Distance Between Two Places
Cognitive Distortion
Prayer Flags
New Horizon is a Wave
Within a Space that Feels Both Finite and Infinite
The Mythology of Moving in Parallel
In the Space of Limitation & Freedom
What is the Space that Defines Expectation?
Holding the Space Between the Pause
How the Particular Illuminates the Universal
Gaze Rests us in the Moment
...and are we not of interest to each other?
The Spaces in Between
The Broken Spaces
Finding the Space in Each Other
Inductive Effect
Resonance Structures
Time Needed to Adjust II
Configuration Space
Time Needed to Adjust
What is the Nature of Time?
Disbanding the Notion of Particles
Don't Breathe so Fast
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