Looking at Minimalism (just not in my artwork)

 In the Minimalists book, "Everything That Remains", the authors talk about how they moved into their minimalist lifestyle and how they use their blog to receive an income. The authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, talk about passion and how they are living their life. Reading about the minimalist lifestyle brings into question, "What are we working for?" and how can we merge the job and the career.


There is a great quote that really spoke to how I make art...

"Progress requires practice and dedication and, to a certain extent, a healthy obsession. Hence, passion is a mixture of love and obsession."

I think there is  huge benefit in looking at that statement and making an effort to align with what you want to do on a day to day bases. What do you want to have as your legacy, what are your ideals, what will we pass to our children? There is also effort, struggle and the satisfaction when things go right that you did show up and you did feel the alignment of what you are meant to do. Chasing those moments is where the creative magic lives.

Contemplating the minimalist lifestyle opens up a world to meeting people, defining your schedule and pursuing your passions with integrity, And though they are very romantic notions in our current society, there is a huge thread of credibility and reality in them. And a realistic path to get there.

In the meantime, I will make art, I will improve my skills and it will be the introduction into new places, ideals, and people.

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