n.  An accessory or other item associated with a particular activity or style of living ...based on late Latin appertinere 'belong to'.  


What an interesting word to run across as I am rearranging my life to move making art into my daily work habits. I am a user experience strategist by trade and I love the websites and experiences that I have been involved in but I want to make more art. Period. 

I often think of the artifacts of cultures; both in my work building websites and in my work building art. I came across this word as I read about The Minimalists transition from their corporate world to a freedom approach to living using minimalism, I find that as I look around at my "stuff" I realize how little I need, and more crazy, how little I want (though I am tempted in every email and lots of facebook and beautiful blog collages).

What are we stuck on? How can we move forward? What is to say we can't redefine what a job looks like? Or education for our children? Why can't work, career and passion result in a living?