Keep Doing That Thing...

This morning I ran across a post on FB by Elizabeth Gilbert and the simple text caught my emotions. Keep doing that thing. We all have our "thing" and we all, on some level, want to keep doing it. As I restructure what my days look like, reach out into a community of people with similar searches and ideals, and publicly post my art, I realize that it is about doing. For the past 6+ years I have changed my style of art from abstract painting, sculpture and charcoal drawing to this macro-micro world of making images, I have shown up to do the work. I make time - so far it has been weeknights and weekends - dedicated to making it. There is a certain level of knowing that comes from just showing up and doing it. A 'getting past the failure' aspect that gave me motivation to enter the online art gallery of my website. So I will keep layering this site, this blog and these pieces of art as a continual move to keep doing that thing. I welcome failure and suggestions as that helps us grow. I have a friend that compares himself to a shark, he never can stop moving or he will die. I agree. We need to keep complacency at bay and many times that involves doing the mundane and in that, discovering the sublime.

In the course of starting this blog, I had someone contact me about my art and as we exchanged emails, she shared her art and poetry with me. We both talked about our struggles to do art and work jobs and the fact that no matter what, we will always make art. It just "is". Here is a beautiful poem that she shared with me about her struggle to "keep doing that thing". Keep on creating girl:


A Gentle Madness 


The poem that inspired a Collection.



A gentle madness descends upon me, a new hat for queen of Art

Defender of the truth and light, the flame that moths doth find.

My dreams are soon to manifest, but narrow is the path and sharp

Through which I've had to fight.


When Innocence it's last breath gasped 

I reached for sicherheit.


A multitude of avenues, through me they merry flow.

Within a box, another box, inception inside grows.

The heart is read and bulbous, the blood it boils all hot

And duty love and loyalty has grasped me in this rot.


A day of peace and solitude, of paint and black cowhides.

Of making things with strong brown hands, within my soul abides.



Written June 28, 2013

(c) Lattecha Willocks

Lattecha's Website can be found here  >> / Check out her art, it is beautiful energy


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