What does your dream look like?


I sat next to this waterfall wall sculpture in a Miami restaurant and it later occurred to me that it was a perfect image for where things were right now in my daily ponderings. Jumping off of a cliff. Scares the shit out of me and at the same time, it is invigorating (and I am weirdly finding out, super creative). I once jumped off a boat into the ocean to snorkel and though it took me awhile to get the courage up, I did it. As I stood there willing myself to jump off of a perfectly good, albeit tall sailboat, I thought, "Why not? How often do you get to do this?" So I did it and it was great - just took awhile for the hyperventilation to subside (though in all fairness, that happens every time I snorkel and I have to just take a few minutes to retrain my brain). So the leaping men and a little bit of tequila and a big conversation with someone in the fabric business today has made me question my goals and how I want to spend my time in a more specific manner.

I am retraining my brain. What does my world look like if I am in the middle of achieving my goal? What does it look like when I am there? And why the fuck do I need a goal? If I look at where things are and the path to getting to my "dream life" I start to think that having a goal is myopic, limiting and forcing me not to look up and see the expansive sky. I am not suggesting there is a need to live stupid and throw away everything I have earned, but there is the question of what does it all look like how & when I get there. That is a little trickier to answer than you may think. Most people instantly say they want to travel, or they want a big house(s), millions of dollars or whatever.... but what do you want to do to get there? What does that really look like? How do you define it?

Like the leaping men into the bottomless pit of tequila, I think it is a good thing to really question your goals and see if they make sense. If what you want is in alignment of how you live then my hats off to you... cos that is just really cool. But if not, or if you are looking for a tune up, then now is a great time to look at how you are spending your time and seeing where your worth is. It makes the days go better and the sense of empowerment is pretty amazing. If we work a little less for material stuff and work a little more for relationships & community, we are making our immediate world better and therefore the larger picture better. If we figure out what makes us tick and create a daily ritual around that, we are open to where it leads us. In this world, with this technology and with the future completely unknown, now is the time to reinvent how you want to move about freely in this world and leave your mark.