Looking up and outwards


Looking  up and looking out. In a tradition of creating art one looks outside of oneself when looking inwards. Art has us looking up while we think inwards. What is it that makes some people look up and out? Looking beyond. Finding our way. Moving past. Expanding and contracting at the same time. Looking for the "else". 

When we we create we have a push and pull between wanting to be solitary and wanting to be social. We expand in social settings and we develop in solitary ones - together building a language that moves beyond us. It becomes a point for sharing - and hopefully enriching others. 

Art is so solitary yet it takes a team. Whether it is active or passive input. The creative process is a mental space where the creator comes from a point of view that is a richly developed outpouring of their experiences.  What drives that pairing down if a vision is a mystery. Is it legacy? Is it a compelling force if OCD? I always ask and I always try to solve this puzzle. It is a quest that expect never to end...

I don't know, what do you think is the creative drive?