Authentic Expression is the Result of Immersion

Showing up and repetition allows us to create authentically. 

Coming to the art (or whatever outlet & artistic expression speaks your name) is the best way to discover your authenticity. Repetition, sitting down and getting involved and pushing through failure and success will take you to the next level.

In my case it has been through art that I have found a voice. I went on a separate path and the voice was quieted. Until it wasn't. So now I am discovering what it means to be me and more importantly what that means as someone in a community. How can I make my art more than me? Where does it serve a purpose? What am I doing it for? These are questions that we all are asked or that we ask of ourselves. I sit here in a hotel, a seeker's path wondering where these things all fit. I know inherently that they do. Now I need to work on the how.

This latest series is inspired by meditation and finding the "space between the silence". Whether it be a repetition of a meditative path or the repetition of creating my style of artwork, it comes down to wearing smooth our own little river rocks. Our imperfections, our strengths, our reasons for being unique. It is about find our authentic expression in our immersion. 

It is a pretty awesome state to be in. Making it happen like this. My first blog post from a hotel on the road seeking inspiration from new connections and experiences. Just keep showing up and eventually the voice will be clear.