Building up Distractions or Removing Obstacles


In this time of choices we can easily get distracted, moved off course and set in a different direction. It takes effort to work on your passions. I read a lot about the studio world of artists. I find it fascinating to see how they spend their time. Like a previous blog I wrote, we all have the same 24 hours a day. Picasso, Rembrandt, etc... How do we want to spend it? What masterpiece do we want to create? Whether we are writers or artists, welders or teachers, we all have to sit and do the work. Many times it is a paving of the way to a clear space of time that is free of obligations, house cleaning, tv watching, etc...

There is a magic that happens between the dull spaces. These moments of clarity when one finds the flow, the groove, the access to the inner dialog are precious to the creator and can add much vision and fuel to future work. In that defined silence, there is vast access to something more. To get there, one can find so many sparks. Twyla Tharp calls it scratching. I love her analogy - she pulls bits, parts and pieces from reference material about her subjects. She adds the information, media, writings she has into banker's boxes and that becomes her holistic view into that psyche. From there she creates Dance. Whether it is a sketchbook, journal or a banker's box, the idea of a collection of thoughts is nothing new. Each collection builds on a language. That language, over time and through practice, becomes an individual visual communication from artist to viewer. That idea turned into a personal language becomes the impetus for the creation and that becomes the communication.

To get that language to communicate universally to others it has to be born of practice. And that involves finding your personal flow free from distractions. We tend to identify ourselves through our work, our relationships, how we are perceived. But what if that inner dialog goes away and what you have is the path to inner communication? What do you want to create? Want to be? Want to know? What could we do without distractions? What clear-minded focus would we have to build what we were meant to? It is all about the work, showing up and being present. But if we clear all the stuff and focus on the dull of the repetition of our passion, then there is this magic that happens... and that aids us in our communications with each other, and hopefully it aids in compassion.