The Power of Making Your Mark or the Calculus of Fresh Thinking



The Calculus of Fresh Thinking:
The German philosopher Georg Hegel described the dialectic process whereby one idea - a thesis - truly engaged with another - an antithesis - can yield a third, a new idea - a synthesis - that is born from both but which is wholly neither.

We can look to every culture in the past to see the power of making a mark, an imprint of sorts, of our block of time here with each other. Each time an artist creates their work another micro world is formed that adds to a macro world. Our works evolve and become a language and as a result, a communication tool for its author and others to connect with. The language in a portfolio for an artist becomes their signature sound, or their signature identity. Most of the time artists start creating by emulating others and then finally surpassing or molding that other information into something they own. There is an expression called "kill the father/mother" in visual art that embodies the idea of consuming your favorite artist's work - reading about, redoing it, working through the details until eventually it is so ingrained in your methods that you make it your own. In essence you absorb it so completely that it changes, and in effect, your work evolves into something more.

There is this crazy magic that happens as you work through a series over many years; these little "tells" come back and rear up at the oddest of times but it adds to the cohesion of your art, your work. It becomes like old friends having a conversation. It is your language.

In a world of recycled content and constant change there is a breath of space that we can all fall into when creating something. It builds on what we add to it, what we learned to look at and read starting from the cave painters and in nature all around. In the end, finding our mark, dancing with the imputs and defining how we want to be seen is where we grow. That synthesis of becoming something new, through a creative discourse is the lifeblood that we all have to pull from. And that is just cool.