Do we Get a Mile Marker for our Goals?



We can't measure happy and yet so many adults answer "I want to be happy" when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Well what does that mean? Everyone, at some point, wants that. So now is the time to work it out. Write something down. Concrete visualizations. Not digital. If there is something in a magazine, tear it out and put it someplace that will remind you of the emotion you were working through when it caught your eye.  Working through the day - whether it be your own time or someone else's time - should create productive action. I always said I wanted to make art and when asked what I want to do, I always reply "make art". I already do that. So what is the next question? Do I want to do it 24/7? Move around the country and spend time 4 months of the year making it? 12 months? What structures do I have in place to pay the bills? How can I build in free time to think and grow and push through the monotony to find the rare sublime moments? 

It it comes down to perseverance, as usual. But honestly, more than that, it comes down to asking the big question and taking the answer apart into microscopic details to determine how to build that path. It comes down to really finding an answer. Not the hallway equivalent to "how are you?", "I'm fine" exchange that stays 10,000 feet in the air amongst coworkers or strangers. We need ground in this answer. In this headspace. We each are completely unique, so what does that point if view become? Time to get pondering, then writing, then building...

sat nam,