Procrastination is like Boxing with your Shadow Self



I will just state this; procrastination is like boxing with your shadow self. As I sit down at almost 7:00 pm on a Saturday evening to write this and not do my art while I still have daylight (yep, irony noted that I am still procrastinating), I have to talk about the underpinnings of why I do this. It is about avoidance and that is about fear. Fear of being in the flow of creation and missing out on something else. Fear of failure. Fear of success. There are a thousand other things that I could be doing and most if not all are not as important to me as making progress on my art. Yet here I sit doing it again. There are little routines & tactics from artists/writers/doers that I read about that can be helpful .... Sometimes it it is about setting a routine in place. Lighting a candle that trains your mind to 'make'. Sometimes it is a playlist on the iPod that takes you within and creates the mood. Listen to your own soundtrack for creating. Or maybe it is a place, a beautiful drafting table in warm light or the front porch in warm weather. I will always add meditation to this and any list for being centered in this world.

Whatever the "tell" is, do it and push through. The anxiety that procrastination makes is nothing more than the exploration of a future time. And the only thing we have is the right now. The present. Anything other than what is in front of you is wasteful of energy and precious focus.

So nothing like the present to get down to it and produce something that has never existed in the world before today. No pressure there... now where is that candle and a light?


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