Alchemy and Elusive Desire



When we try to change our reality into desire we lose sight of what treasures we have in the moment. We enter into a fool's quest to turn iron into gold. When we get into those moments of panic, desire, feeling empty or looking for ways to fill a perceived hole, we need to stop, take a deep breath and look around at where we are in the present moment and have faith that things will be ok. This is a hard thing to do, it takes practice and inevitably we will veer into our comfort zones of the way we have always done things in the past. But just breathe into the moment.

In that moment where the deep breath brings us into the presence, we have everything we need. We get in our own way when we constantly push for and construct a future that does not exist or when we live in the past which is at best, fogged through a lens of nostalgia or bitterness. 

One moment. Right now. Tied to breath. This prepares us for what is to come. We can use our past like an intuitive tool set that we reach for to build ourselves into the moment from our subconscious. Just let that concept be and it will stay in the unconscious. If we think of our past and how it should inform our future, we bring it up to the conscious mind which means we are trying influence things that are out of our control. We walk into a wall of desire that can turn into emptiness and longing and feelings of unworthiness. By being present and acknowledging that we are good to go in that moment, the future unfolds naturally. It does not mean that bad things won't happen - but it pushes fear aside which is a construct of our ego as a defense mechanism, and it ensures that when things do come our way, we are mentally prepared to handle them in a more gentle way. Gentle to ourselves and to others.

The gap between reality and perception is where we fall down and cause ourselves anxiety and pain. We can do better for ourselves and in turn for others realizing we have everything we need for whatever is to come next.  When we get trapped into the worry and the fear, we can take a deep breath and look into the present moment knowing that we can just let things be. Our breath is our personal reminder to stay in the moment and be true to ourselves.  

Our own personal alchemy: I create my own reality