Is there magic in creating on a daily basis?


There really is no romance in the daily creation of art/music/writing - fill-in-the-blank activities. I moved out to Los Angeles, California recently and have the amazing fortune to focus more on creating my artwork on an almost daily morning schedule, work permitting. I have found a great rhythm in this daily creation and within that rhythm, I have found tiny spaces of magic. So many people talk about the romance of creating full-time. It is something that really boils down to grit and determination and holding out for those spaces where the mundane makes a change that leaps us to the next idea, a new bold move. The beauty of this set up is that it makes us better creators. We can hone in on our craft, let our mind wander as we have our technical chops worked out and it allows us to build a body of work that speaks to our unique voice.

An interesting idea surfaced for me this time last year. I had a few months off from my job (read paying job) and I found myself not wanting to make art. It was the perfect time for me to create this daily habit and yet I wasted my time away. I know I was anxiously looking to set up new clients and I was trying to control that side of my world. What I noticed is that by not letting go, I did not allow for the flow of creativity to do its thing. And weirdly, and even more of a surprise, I found myself bored. I was living in the scenario I had dreamed about for years. After being so busy in a full time job and then quitting to start my own User Experience Consultancy work, I found myself smack in the middle of freedom of time and I was paralyzed.

Ultimately and through much thinking about this conundrum, I re-wired the way I spent my time once I moved to CA. I have been able to find a peace in the (almost) daily showing up to make my work and it has lead me to find a new way to think about my craft. I have been forced to move past a safety zone that I had made for myself and it changed the way I approached my new pieces. In many ways it feels like I made some inner commitment to myself and my craft and that has constructed a new wholeness in my life.

So is there magic in a daily habit? Yes  - and it comes from the place of feeling confident in myself to know that I will notice those subtle shifts that take me to the next level of my artwork. It allows me to build a practice of being present.