Artist: Pat Steir

A friend of mine recently sent me some videos from the artist Pat Steir. How had I not even heard of this woman? Her work is beautiful, and the way she talks about her work and abstract concepts are magical. Man, this woman is amazing. She is so eloquent and so clear on her vision - her abstract, yet concrete vision. That is so hard to do. I love the work and the way that she talks about her work. There is an accessibility that she brings to it when she highlights how gravity and chance take over after she makes her decision.

Don't listen to me, though, just her:

"These paintings are made by gravity. Weight. Weight and gravity." Her series, based around the word Kairos means 'chaos', but she expands and builds on that and adds, "Choosing the opportune moment. But it can also mean, time. Timing. Which is different from the opportune moment."

Thank you Wendy for introducing her to me and sharing your work with me as well. See Wendy's beautiful art >>