This animation and music mesmerized me

I saw this video and the music and animation style just made me sit so still to watch. I don't know why, but it really made me think of animation as something I should explore more. The beats and the use of music with the image, the totality of it. The subject of some planetary worship. The movement and it is all done in black and white. Check it out. What do you think?

Music by: Rone

Animation by: Dimitri Stankowicz


Good stuff. It wires your brain to create.


Chairs & Cocktails: Gin & Sin

I love mid-century modern everything. The lines, the commitment to the design, the colors, and even the cheese. I have been doing an ongoing series of digital artworks of MCM chairs and then adding a mid-century cocktail to go with it. Who doesn't want a swanky and somewhat ridiculous cocktail on a chair of lines and presence?


Digital sketch of the “Malibu Chair” by William Haines Designs, circa 1950’s.
When a chair is a perfect welcome note for sinful behavior, you have to find the perfect lounging drink.

Sit back and sip the cocktail, Gin and Sin. And not without salt. What makes this chair and drink sing with sin? The lines? The overt “lounginess” of its width? It’s low slung height? And what about that drink? Slightly pink, a little salty, and oh, so very, very sweet. Serve it in a martini glass with care, if you dare, as it is surely going to spill onto that white fabric.

Gin and Sin ~ not without salt
1 1/2 oz gin
1 oz orange juice
1/2 tsp grenadine syrup
1 oz lemon juice
Add all sinful and sour ingredients to a shaker half-filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass, orr serve over ice. Either way you are on your way for a perfect lounge session.

Boldness at the Edge of Painting

There is always a point in a painting, drawing, sculpture, writing music and all things creative where one can destroy what they have worked to create. In art we refer to it as "killing the painting"... there is boldness at the edge of this act. 

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Detachment & Surrender are Not Dirty Words, Anymore



I was in the car driving through the beautiful Ojai, California area with a friend recently and I was explaining what happened a long time ago when I got laid off from a very well paying job. I often spent 17 hour days working through crazy deadlines as part of defining what websites should be, their interactions and what a company's presence was online. And when I lost that job simply because the client I was assigned to stopped their work on their website due to economic times, I lost my identity. My friend used the word detached to describe my reactions to this whole moment and it caught in my throat. I never thought of it that way.  I did detach. Bigtime. Severely. In ways that still affect my ability to work for others. If you identify with your job as your usefulness, your contribution, and that is stripped away, who are you? 

As we drove through the mountains, I told her that at the time I really had to reevaluate my place in the world as I identified myself with my work. I came up short and I have been chasing that idea of wholeness ever since. That event brought me to my knees and looking back on that lesson I have realized it was the beginning of learning to surrender. Though, until recently, surrender is not a word that I have even worked into my vocabulary. 

I never really climbed back aboard that "work til you drop / take one for the team" train too often since. I work more efficiently and I define my output as part of the quality that I want to own. I redefined my sense of self and I moved it to the work that I produce and not the job that I am in. Now that I am updating and shifting the balance in my life to creating more art and really trying to find the "whole", I am finding that detachment and surrender aren't such dirty words to me anymore. 

In those months after losing that job I quickly got another job. It was one of prestige in my industry and on paper, a beautiful experience. But I have been looking beyond ever since. I guess looking for some shiny object that does not exist. In Buddhism, the idea of desire and its cause of so much suffering is front and center. Sometimes you just have to run into a brick wall to snap you out of continuous cycles. Buddhists call it samsara, Catholics call it purgatory, but no matter what religion, it is the same. I am slowly eroding this ever present desire for more. A desire to have something else. A need to fulfill a perceived brokenness. A way to fill a hole that never seems to fill. And through this erosion, I am finding a sense of detachment. Not a cold or inhuman place, but an opening into being able to receive more input. It becomes like reeds in the wind on the marsh - you ride it and the effect of the winds are less destructive.

This place of detachment is like a deep breath of acceptance because at the end of the day, it is our reaction to the craziness of life that defines us, not what happens to us. I may even offer the word surrender...



Procrastination is like Boxing with your Shadow Self



I will just state this; procrastination is like boxing with your shadow self. As I sit down at almost 7:00 pm on a Saturday evening to write this and not do my art while I still have daylight (yep, irony noted that I am still procrastinating), I have to talk about the underpinnings of why I do this. It is about avoidance and that is about fear. Fear of being in the flow of creation and missing out on something else. Fear of failure. Fear of success. There are a thousand other things that I could be doing and most if not all are not as important to me as making progress on my art. Yet here I sit doing it again. There are little routines & tactics from artists/writers/doers that I read about that can be helpful .... Sometimes it it is about setting a routine in place. Lighting a candle that trains your mind to 'make'. Sometimes it is a playlist on the iPod that takes you within and creates the mood. Listen to your own soundtrack for creating. Or maybe it is a place, a beautiful drafting table in warm light or the front porch in warm weather. I will always add meditation to this and any list for being centered in this world.

Whatever the "tell" is, do it and push through. The anxiety that procrastination makes is nothing more than the exploration of a future time. And the only thing we have is the right now. The present. Anything other than what is in front of you is wasteful of energy and precious focus.

So nothing like the present to get down to it and produce something that has never existed in the world before today. No pressure there... now where is that candle and a light?


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