My Book Went Live



My book, Zen and the Art of the Sunrise, went live last night and this morning... and I am super excited. More than anything, I made this thing happen and it came from wanting to share the issues that I faced when I decided I wanted to leave my job so that I could do freelance to give myself more flexibility of time to create my art.

I started taking sunrise pictures almost 3 years ago and it was not until May that I had the idea of turning it into a book. Two things made this happen: 1 - I was able to use my iPhone photographs and 2 - more importantly, I thought about what got me through a pretty dark time when making my decision to leave my job. It was this notion of noticing what was happening in the moment. That my past was in the past and my future was a place that did not exist. For a place that did not exist, I was giving it a lot of attention and anxiety. The sunrises were a visual representation that I had another day in front of me and to enjoy that moment when the sun is rising. Those thoughts made me slowly build up the courage to go out on my own and even more interestingly, made me locate faith in myself.

The thing that gets lost in these types of messages is what if you can’t leave your job? I work in the internet/online industry and it is pretty progressive in its thinking about working from home. It is a strong consultant model. I create good user experiences for websites. That gave me the flexibility and access to clients that allowed me to jump from the 9-5 lifestyle. Art has always been a priority and the jump gave me a sense that my days could be structured the way I wanted them to be. So my quotes from the book, the sunrises and the feedback from social media came into alignment in terms of pulling this together to share with others.

Each day we get 24 hours. We are here to serve and we come with a unique vision. This book is a culmination of these concepts and represent where I am right here, right now. I want someone to be inspired by the images and the words and find a little peace in what they need to do that day. We can’t all quit our jobs but that is fine. Those moments of peace where the past and the future are not in our heads will make things okay and help diminish the anxiety we may feel wondering what out there is better than what is right in front of us. I truly hope this book allows a little bit of peace for someone.


Zen and the Art of the Sunrise

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