The Containment of Water II
Desert Breezes Gated Community: Not Just Living, Living it Up
The Containment of Water
A Shallow Estuary (Earth Day 2018)
Salt Plains I
When The Earth Gives Salt to the Bay
The Lotus and the Mudslide
How to Read a Fire Map
When Ash Choked the Air and I Still Taste the Smoke
I Saw Inside the Night Sky
Sending the Haiku Off Among the Waves |  ©Beth Ortman
We'll Get Burned When the Wind Takes More Than it Should   |  ©Beth Ortman
The Ballad of Broken Seas  |  ©Beth Ortman
When the Clouds are a Breath Away from Each Other  |  ©Beth Ortman
Below the Surface, the Light Still Abides  |  ©Beth Ortman
As Solid Ground Rotates, Time Corresponds with the Moon-Set Tides  |  ©Beth Ortman
Only a Salt Kiss Remained of the Ocean  |  ©Beth Ortman
When the Land Stops Just Here, at the Shoreline ©Beth Ortman
Closing in on the Tidal Pool  ©Beth Ortman
Kiss the Sky Away  ©Beth Ortman
Higgs Boson Blues  ©Beth Ortman
Where the Land Stops Just Short of Here  ©Beth Ortman
Learning to be Present in the Erosion of Time ©Beth Ortman
Some Vestige of the Sea Remains from the Retreating Tide   |  ©Beth Ortman
A Trace of the Ocean’s Voice Will Lodge Within Us  |  ©Beth Ortman
A Gentle Nudge Carries Behind it the Force of a a Flash Flood  |  ©Beth Ortman
There is Always Another Way to Enter to the Fire  |  ©Beth Ortman
And You Will Hear the Air Itself  |  ©Beth Ortman
Are the Clouds Glad to Unburden Their Bundles of Rain?  |  ©Beth Ortman
Building an Unforgettable Fury of Light  |  ©Beth Ortman
Safe Among the Steep Cliffs  | ©Beth Ortman 02/2017
Blue Reflected Back to the Horizon  |  ©Beth Ortman
The Sky Dreamt it Was the Sea  |  ©Beth Ortman
Soon it Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires  |  ©Beth Ortman
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