Zen and the Art of the Sunrise

I created a book of sunrise photos and inspiring quotes that shows our connection to nature and to highlight the hope that each day brings.


A book of sunrise photos and inspirational quotes

A book of sunrise photos and inspirational quotes

A project of Passion and Sharing

Inspired by my morning view, each day I took many photographs with my iPhone. This book was a passion project for me. I lived on the beach and each morning was a fresh canvas of new beginnings, hope and a sense of community. I shared my photos on Facebook for over three years before deciding to make this book.

I have always loved being in nature and using inspiring quotes to create an emotional response. In a world where we are so busy, I wanted to use this book as a small reminder of the joy of little moments.

Finding Peace in Each Day

I hope you enjoy the book and I encourage you to take some time for yourself to find a quiet place where you can find some peace in our very busy world.

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A few sunrise photos from the book

Every day was inspiring, unique, full of color and the change from one moment to the next was amazing to witness. Here are a few of the images that I used in the book. For each picture, I added an inspirational quote that I felt belonged with the photo.

An inside look at Zen and the Art of the Sunrise

The Story

3 Years of Daily Sunrises & Sharing a Photograph

May of 2014 I had an idea to create a book. I sat with that thought for a few minutes and then I created a list of the things I needed to do. It was a short list at first because I quickly realized how little I knew. But, that said, I did know the photos. So I organized them into a group and saw that I had over 6,800 photos to sort through. My great friend, Misty, flew in from Texas to help with this organizing and sorting and a bag of skittles later, two days of non-stop images and sorting, I had an outline to work with. (Much thanks Misty!)

From there and months of in-between the book was born. My desire is that it brings hope to your day and that each sunrise is a call to action to be true to yourself and find a path into peace.

An inside look at Zen and the Art of the Sunrise

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The view and the solace of a quiet morning