A detail of a painting in progress... a night of watercolors

Artist Statement

The Boketto series is about the inward gaze projected outward onto a landscape and using that same landscape to project back inwards to define shapes and emotions. The relationships that we invite into our lives is an inspiring dance. The thin balance that occurs when we have a choice to grow from the interactions or fold back inwards is a place that I play with by using a painterly method up against the rigid drawing style. What does it mean to be vulnerable and open? How do we move in a direction where we have lost our balance? What does faith and trust look like? I look to nature in this macro and micro dance to see how it plays out. The blues of the sky, the ocean, and the mountains in the distance all make up a stimulating landscape that reflects visually back what happens in our own emotional places. I think of Agnes Martin's grid system of the Taos landscape and the organic fluidity of Eva Hesse's sculptures as she played with tension and both of those viewpoints fuel my own work. Blues and whites and yellows are built up inside of a circle space that is both a vessel to contain and keep away. It is about the balance of control and emotional states. The work is a visual manifesto of the balance that we all can bring to each other and to ourselves.


My Story

I am a Los Angeles based artist that is inspired by nature whether it is on the beach or hiking in the woods. Nature is a constant reminder to remain in flux and keep moving in the world.

My goal for this work is to create and share a sense of peacefulness and calm that I find in my personal journey and make it universal. I am looking to approach a meditative silence in these drawings and paintings. I believe in the ability for art to promote compassion.

A User Experience Strategist / Information Architect by trade, I have spent the last 18+ years making websites easier for people to use. I went to school for fine arts at Ringling School of Art and Design and have a degree in sculpture & painting. My art training informs how I approach creating websites.

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A view from Taos Valley, New Mexico - one of my favorite places to be  ::  ©Beth Ortman Studio



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