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Beth Ortman’s mixed media paintings combine geometric shapes with abstract mark making. Her compositions invite the viewer to get lost amongst the patterns, colors, and light. Within the structure of the never-ending circle, Beth uses watercolor, ink, graphite, and pen to open up small portals of abstract compositions evocative of landscapes and seascapes in which she invites the viewers to get lost in. Using nature as her jumping off point, she experiments and explores with textures and colors that emote a sense of place that is both abstract and grounded. Beth was born in New Jersey and today lives in Los Angeles, California where she is inspired by the alchemy of where the ocean and the mountains meet. She is also the author of the iPhone photography book “Zen and the Art of the Sunrise” based on of her years of living on the beach in south Florida.


My goal for this work is to create and share a sense of peacefulness and calm that I find in my personal journey and make it universal. I am looking to approach a meditative silence in these drawings and paintings. I believe in the ability for art to promote compassion.

A User Experience Strategist / Information Architect by trade, I have spent the last 20+ years making websites easier for people to use. I went to school for fine arts at Ringling School of Art and Design and have a degree in sculpture & painting. My art training informs how I approach creating websites.


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